Core Post


M24Seven’s wireless connectivity meant that Core Post’s superfast internet could be provided in a matter of weeks, allowing them to hit the ground running.


Core Post is a post-production company situated in Metroplex Business Park just outside of MediaCityUK. Key Core customers include the BBC and ITV. Core Post wanted to create an open, relaxed environment for their business, with larger than average edit suites and a spacious break-out area with a coffee bar for clients to take a break from their edit during the day. The newly furbished space now consists of eight offline suites, three online suites, onw grading suite and two audio dubbing theatres along with a large voice over booth.

The Challenge

For this new business working in such a technology-dependent industry, a reliable, high-speed internet connection was crucial, right from the start. Modern-day post companies are dependent on the internet for transferring large video files to the cloud, which allows editors to immediately access and edit them wherever they are.

When it came to choosing an internet service provider, Core Post found that there was an overwhelming amount of choice. From early on, Tony and his team were wary of the long waiting times associated with traditional fibre service providers. Core Post had a strict timescale; they had chosen their office space and needed to move in as soon as possible and would require an internet connection straight away. Ultimately, they needed an ISP who could deliver in their short timescale and still provide a high-quality service. For Core Post, it was also fundamental that their internet service was scalable to cope with their growing business.

The Solution

The government voucher scheme allowed Core Post to sign up for a 30Mbps wireless connection with M24Seven at a more affordable cost.

“A superfast connection is fundamental when it comes to our role in the media industry. It has already helped us to quickly establish ourselves as a leading organisation in a short amount of time.”

M24Seven’s wireless connectivity meant that Core Post’s superfast internet could be provided in a matter of weeks, allowing them to start their projects as soon as the office was up and running. Tony adds:

“Aside from the impressive delivery speed, the 24/7 support is a huge benefit. Even if we make a technical error at our end, M24Seven are on the phone to us straight away – they’re really on the ball.”

For Core Post, another major benefit of an internet solution with M24Seven is the scalability of the service. As more and more of Core Post’s editing systems are increasingly reliant on the cloud for accessing and exchanging files, the data requirements of Core Post and the post production industry in general, will only increase.

“By the end of 2014, tape-based delivery will be almost non-existent and everything will be facilitated via online file transfer. Fortunately, Core Post’s existing connection can be easily stepped up when the time comes thanks to M24Seven’s flexibility.”