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Berwick Post Ltd is an independent boutique Post Production facility, based in Soho, the centre of London’s creative hub. They work with a wide range of clients from advertising agencies to production companies and broadcasters. Their prestigious clients include the BBC and international brands from Habitat and Iceland to Emporio Armani. Throughout the post production process their clients expect to be able to view snapshots and approve the work at a number of milestones during a project, resulting in many large files being transferred electronically. A fast reliable network is an essential business tool in today’s digital world to meet their client’s expectations and work efficiently.

Background: Quicker, Faster, Superior

“We work with our clients to produce the most creative content across different media platforms in the most cost-efficient way. Every project is different and our experienced team work closely with our clients to deliver a first class service with great attention to detail. We are at the cutting edge of creative post production delivering virtual reality and augmented reality project in addition to our top quality 2D and 3D projects. We need cutting edge connectivity that can keep pace with the ever increasing needs of the business. Our clients expect quicker, faster and better delivery of information driven by the changing technology they use. Gone are the days of shooting on film. Now digital cameras record at 6K resolution and we need to get large files to various internal departments and clients in offices around the world in minutes,” says Steve Dann Chief Executive and founder of Berwick Post.

Issue to Solution:

Berwick Post turned to M247 in 2015 to ensure their connectivity met their increasing needs. “We previously had an ADSL line running down copper cables and this would drop out ten times a day, particularly at peak times. It was also much slower to upload information than download it. That all changed with the Ethernet leased line from M247. Their Dark Fibre network gives us speeds of 100Mbps whether we are uploading or downloading information 24/7. We can get a 30 second commercial to a client in about 3 seconds it’s that fast. M247 have local engineers in London, but we haven’t needed them as the network is rock solid and has never gone down,” reports Steve.

M247 Dark Fibre Network

Delivering high speed communications to London’s businesses is the forte of M247. M247 has established itself as a leading provider of fast fibre internet connections, facilitating reliable, cost-effective data communications for London businesses.

M247 is London’s premier fibre network and they have connected over 1000 London businesses, 30% in just the last 12 months. M247 provide London businesses with ultrafast data transfer at a third of the prices other internet companies provide. M247’s backbone network allows them to connect businesses from all over London and the UK with cable direct to their premises, so they can get the connectivity speeds they need. Importantly, media is changing at a rapid rate and post production houses must respond to those changing formats to compete. The Dark Fibre network can deliver connectivity to support those changes as the network continually gets faster with speeds now beyond 10Gbps.

The Future: Virtual reality and Augmented reality revolution

Berwick Post are at the cutting edge of post-production and with their sister company, Amplified Robot, are working with clients on virtual reality and augmented reality projects that will become commonplace in the near future. “These are data intensive projects, particularly when working in virtual reality which is being driven by the games market at present. Augmented reality offers innovative applications in the retail environment, to enhance shopping experiences, and has great potential in education and work based training. The need to transfer data at increasingly high speeds will continue to intensify as everyone has expectations for more and more visual content. In our industry high speed cost effective reliable connectivity is now an essential business tool,” concludes Steve.

Your business could be benefiting from significantly lower data transfer costs at significantly higher speeds backed by support from M247 with the performance guarantees you would expect from London’s leading Fibre network.