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Beauty Bay was originally launched in 1999, formerly known as, the ecommerce company has grown from strength to strength. Starting off with selling luxury fragrances from big brand names, the company evolved their product range to include skin care, makeup and hair care products.

Currently Beauty Bay offers over 10,000 products from the very best UK and International brands. From makeup favourites to niche skincare, the range is influenced by the needs and desires of their customers.

Based in Exchange Quay in Manchester and with a distribution centre in Salford, the company is continually introducing new brands, influenced by customer demand and new trends. Beauty Bay is constantly selling and shipping out products to customers throughout the UK 24/7/365.

The Challenge

Beauty Bay is purely an e-commerce business, everything they do from customer support and sales to distribution is done online. The business cannot survive without connectivity and a robust infrastructure to back it up, if the internet goes down, even for a second, then so does the business.

Dyfed Bowen, Service Delivery Manager at Beauty Bay has been in the industry for over 20 years and was given the task to further strengthen the company’s infrastructure. He explains, “Beauty Bay had got to a good level commercially so we were able to concentrate on other areas of the business which included the connectivity and infrastructure. We wanted a provider who could supply everything we needed and in a quick time. Many providers told us they wouldn’t be able to help or it would take much longer than we could allow. We also couldn’t get the bandwidth speeds off anyone and as we were moving the business into the cloud we needed the capacity to support this.”

The Solution

M247 started providing services to Beauty Bay in 2011, delivering a point to point service between their head office and distribution centre. Dyfed continues, “This service was the easiest and best solution for us at the time and M247 were the clear choice to provide it. No other provider could supply us with the speeds we needed in the required timeframe.”

Since 2011 Beauty Bay has grown from strength to strength and M247 have helped them along the way. The company has recently introduced a new warehouse, moving from 12,000sqft to 58,000sqft and M247 fully supported the migration to ensure that the business stayed online throughout the whole move.

Beauty Bay is now in the process of implementing a fully managed MPLS solution across their sites and will then move onto Colocation within an M247 datacentre.

As our company grows we need our technology to grow with it and it is great to have everything under one roof, since M247’s own growth and expansion of their services we can now have one provider for all our infrastructure needs.”

The Benefits

Dyfed explains the benefits of working with M247:

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with M247, they have provided us with a fantastic service. They provide us with the robust connectivity we require and back it up with fantastic support. Especially through our recent warehouse migration, they provided us with full support for this – it was amazing work and we didn’t have any problems.

As they own and operate the whole network from end to end it makes them completely different from any other provider. We only have one point of call, we know who we need to speak to depending on the situation and we know exactly who will be turning up on our doorstep if they are called out. They are definitely unique in what they do.

We have big plans for the future of Beauty Bay and will continue to grow and work with M247 along the way, there is no one else we would rather work with, M247 just get the job done and get it done well.”