At M247 we are embarking on ambitious plans to further grow coverage of our highly reliable fibre network in and around Leeds.

This is part of our investment program for Leeds which also includes further expansion in new dark fibre infrastructure benefiting the city.

Our new point of presence within the city centre enables businesses to access both radio and fibre leased line internet connections resulting in high speed and uncontended connectivity up to 10Gbps, delivery within 30 working days*.

As the one of the UK’s fastest growing cities with a £64.6 billion economy, Leeds positions itself as one of the UK’s primary centres for fast-growing firms.

Leeds rapidly developing digital technology industry has assumed an increasingly vital economic role in recent years with digital industries now accounting for 23,000 jobs and £671m of the city’s region’s economy.

With many SME businesses in Leeds battling with slow internet connectivity, long periods of buffering and connection dropout we believe our combination of premium wireless and fibre technologies will be the key to business success.

“We’ve been able to comfortably provide fast speeds and a high level of service across the UK for some time. We are excited that this expansion of our Leeds network opens many more possibilities to allow us to transform bandwidth hungry businesses enabling them to benefit from the speed of connectivity they deserve.” Jenny Davies, CEO

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