Metronet (UK) has overcome the complex challenges of delivering superfast broadband to business tenants in Orbit Developments’ flagship building, Regent House.

Customers are now being offered enhanced connectivity to the Internet with improved access and cheaper deals.

Metronet (UK) believes that it is the right of every business in the UK to have cost effective access to superfast broadband, but this has not been the case for businesses based in the centre of Stockport for some time. To overcome this issue, Orbit Developments has partnered up with Metronet (UK) to make Regent House a Metronet Enabled Building (MEB). This means that everyone working in the offices now has the option to connect to state-of-the-art Internet access, with faster and more reliable download and upload speeds at competitive rates.

Regent House is the first of Orbit Developments’ sites to benefit from the partnership in this way and acts as a blueprint that will now be rolled out across the remaining buildings in the company’s property portfolio in Stockport. The benefit of turning sites into MEBs in this way means that office space will no longer be exposed to the typical problems related to sourcing Internet connectivity, such as long lead times, way leave issues and high costs for installation. It is common for these factors to cause delays when a company tries to move office, or can push tenants to leave perfectly good buildings simply because they don’t have the connectivity necessary to meet their business requirements.

Any landlord, agent or developer can turn their commercial site(s) into a MEB with the following results:

– New tenants can have high speed Internet and cloud access on the day they move in.
– Rent start dates will no longer be impacted by lengthy installation times.
– Customers can move between buildings in a landlord’s property portfolio and enjoy the same superfast connectivity.
– A percentage of the customer rental for their Internet service is given to the landlord as a guaranteed revenue stream.

Tony Jones, Managing Director at Orbit Developments said: “Thanks to the UK Government initiative and our partnership with Metronet (UK), Regent House can now offer tenants something truly unique and almost impossible to obtain in Stockport town centre. Our customers are delighted to have access to superfast broadband, which helps them to focus on running their businesses as effectively as possible, without worrying about the quality and cost of their Internet service. This is the kind of experience we strive to deliver and we look forward to making the service available to all our business clients in the town, as we continue the rollout.”

Edward Booth, Operations Director at Secure Solutions is one of the tenants at Regent House and reported: “Together with the voucher scheme, connecting to the new service couldn’t have been easier. The delays and investment required to get decent broadband in this area are enough to put anyone off, which is a problem because, like most businesses these days, we need to be connected to the digital world. Good Internet access is not an option, it is a dependency; it has to work for us from both a performance and price perspective. What Orbit Developments and Metronet (UK) have done to enable our office building is nothing short of transformational.”

Metronet (UK) commented: “Forward thinking landlords, such as Orbit Developments, are realising they can offer new and exciting ways to help their tenants. We specialise in providing a turnkey connectivity solution that enables buildings with the high speed Internet services tenants demand. By continuing to work hard with our partners to make sure businesses get the service and the connectivity they expect and deserve, areas that have suffered from poor service, like Stockport town centre, can become a thing of the past.”

Throughout the rollout and beyond, Metronet (UK) will provide sales and marketing support to Orbit Developments to help ensure that customers are aware of what is available to them. This will make the switch from any existing supplier quick and easy as well as provide information on how to claim available grants from the local authority.

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