Metronet (UK) has now been ranked as one of the top 20 cloud companies in the UK by the panellists in Clearwater International’s Cloudex Awards.

Cloudex, is an index of leading global cloud technology businesses operating in software, services, hardware and infrastructure. It focuses on the financial performance and valuation of these companies versus the population of more general technology vendors.

Clearwater International, an independent Corporate Finance house, launched the Cloudex Awards in 2013 in order to highlight the country’s top 20 independently owned cloud technology businesses. Unlike other global business rankings, Cloudex is based on more than turnover or profit growth. The panel members take into account other metrics including growth prospects, innovation and global competitiveness.

Lee Perkins, CEO at Metronet (UK) said, “It is fantastic news that we have been ranked within the top 20 cloud companies in the UK. Our cloud based solutions give our customers much more than just an internet connection, it gives them a fully reliable business network to help their company grow. At Metronet (UK) we adapt and grow our technology to meet our customers’ needs and as the need for cloud services grows so do we. We are looking forward to celebrating with everyone at the Cloudex ceremony in October.”

A ceremony will be held on the 12th October to celebrate the top 20 companies listed and the present awards to the top 3 placed businesses as well as the Clearwater “one to watch” candidate.

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