Metronet (UK), the UK’s most advanced Internet Service Provider, has had a strong network presence in the West Midlands for some years now, delivering connectivity solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

One of the main drivers of Metronet (UK)’s success in the West Midlands is their partnership with Computerworld Business Solutions (CBS). The partnership was formed 3 years ago and provides connectivity to over 30 CBS customers.

CBS specialise in providing cost reductions to small and medium sized businesses by employing quality IT solutions including network implementation, disaster recovery, cloud and telephony technologies, Internet connectivity as well as on going IT support services.  Their customer base includes Hortons Estates, Wildings Solicitors and Air Link Systems.

A customer that has recently benefitted from the partnership between CBS and Metronet (UK) is Birmingham Motor Tyre Store. The supplier of tyres for cars, vans, motorcycles and many other vehicles has 2 sites that have been connected with 20Mbps wireless leased lines. In addition, a fibre backup service is also being installed to ensure that if the wireless service was to fail, the fibre would kick in and the business would not suffer any downtime.

Julian Shaw, Technical Director at CBS said, “Our partnership with Metronet (UK) has gone from strength to strength, they provide a fantastic service to our customers and have never let us down. We are relocating our own office soon and Metronet (UK) are providing the connectivity for the new space, we wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it”.

Andy Tatlock, Head of Channel Sales at Metronet (UK) commented, “CBS are a fantastic company who share many of the same values that we do. They are highly regarded by their customers and we are glad to help expand their service portfolio. They have helped boost our growth within the West Midlands and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future”.

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