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M247 is one of the UK’s largest business internet providers, powering thousands of businesses throughout the UK.

Securing your businesses connectivity needs can sometimes be a daunting task – There are many providers claiming to be the fastest or the most reliable when in actual fact they are actually reselling other ISP services and have no control over the lines, the speeds or the service exchange.

Here at M247 we have built out our own independent network and own our own infrastructure across the UK and Europe. We own equipment in all of our datacentres and all of our POPs, allowing us to deliver businesses truly resilient solutions.

Because we own our network, we pride ourselves in being able to offer quick installation times. We are also able to deliver high speed and reliability services which have led us to win numerous awards for our connectivity solutions.

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What to consider before choosing your business internet provider:

  • Establish what you need and the amount of data requirements
  • Stay away from the cheapest as they are highly oversold, hence driving down the price
  • Check the support and SLA you will receive

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