To help support and protect our customers we are offering our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service and Call Recording FREE for up to three months when you sign up to a new contract

Microsoft Teams is a real-time collaborative communication tool, fantastic for remote working. Helping teams stay connected, share documents and keep businesses moving forward.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing unlocked in four simple steps:

  • FREE Microsoft Teams Direct Routing license and 1200 UK minute bundle
  • FREE Call Recording* on 30 day, 1 year and 7 year packages for customers who take up this offer

Promotion Price

12 Month contract


1 Month FREE



£4.50 per user


24 Month contract


2 months FREE



£4 per user


36 Month contract


3 months FREE



£3.40 per user


Benefits of Microsoft Teams and Call Recording

A feature-full Call Recording solution fully compliant with seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. M247 Call Recording packages captures internal and external Teams calls. Our solution has all the functionality of traditional call recording systems with the added benefit of being scalable to meet your business requirements as well as maintaining GDPR and MiFID II compliance.

You can benefit from:

  • Unlimited scalability - Enables service providers to remove technical and financial barriers, giving the ability to offer call recording as a standard service to all users.
  • Rules and permissions access - Unlike legacy solutions, permissions, admin and team functions are included in the service, at no extra cost restricting access to call recordings on a user by user basis.
  • Always-on recording - Records all calls. Recorded calls are stored and accessed on a roles and permissions hierarchy. Users can only access their own calls.
  • On-demand recording - User-initiated service, records selected calls before or during the call and stores for access on a roles and permissions hierarchy. Users can only access their own calls.
  • Stop/start recording - A pause and resume function.
  • Flexible storage periods - 60 days, 1, 2, 5 and 7 years.
  • 5 & 6 year storage - Ideal for regulatory recording storage.
  • Call reporting - Admin can run reports on calls.
  • Automatic and manual deletion settings - Recordings are automatically deleted after a fixed storage period or manually deleted by the Administrator.
  • Media player - Visual voice analyser and slide search bar (Roles and permission based).
  • Recording tags - Add text tags to call recordings, assists in easier search.
  • Recording search - Includes search criteria like number (CLI), date, recording tags.
  • Recording sharing - Share an encrypted link to a listening portal, only lasts 24 hours (Roles and permission based).
  • MP3 file share - Admin restricted recording downloads, can be sent to data subject in MP3 format (Roles and permission based).
  • Real time recording logs - Real time refresh and visibility on portal of recordings.
  • Dedicated recording portal - Access call recordings via a permissions based browser.
  • Restful API - Designed to support many API integrations including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Allows integration into 3rd applications.

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