Cloud computing has changed the way the world does business. It’s keeping teams connected. It’s making data more mobile. And it’s helping businesses serve customers and partners better wherever they are in the world.

The Hybrid Challenge

The challenge for many enterprises is to figure out how to get the most from their cloud-based solutions whilst maintaining oversight of their growing data estates and keeping their IT environments secure.

In many cases, businesses are leveraging digital tools for collaboration and data generation but are still relying on traditional methods for data storage, security, management and backup. This is leading to:

  • Sprawling data estates
  • Unsecured data silos
  • Complex IT environments
  • Incompatible legacy and cloud applications
  • Sprawling infrastructure
  • Fragmented backups and recovery options
  • Spiralling costs

The answer is in the Cloud

Our range of Cloud services and solutions are built on best-in-class technology to help enterprises rise to meet these challenges head-on. M247’s Cloud solutions deliver ultimate flexibility and scalability to support your business into the hybrid future, from streamlining infrastructure with IaaS to management of all your business-critical data with DMaaS. Our solutions are designed to provide you with an extra level of security in the event of data attacks or system failure.

The benefits of Cloud

  • Quick to deploy
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Efficiency and cost reductions
  • Enhanced data security
  • Easy backup and restore
  • Streamlined processes
  • Automated workflows
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Better collaboration
  • Data and process mobility
  • Centralised control
  • Deeper insights and analytics

Flexible, Scalable, Reliable

There’s a Cloud for everyone. M247 offer the following suite of services, which can be tailored to your business needs, ensuring you get the most from your investment now and in the future.


Our enterprise-grade platform harnesses the latest technology to deliver the best features of public cloud in a dedicated private-cloud solution

Public Cloud

Scalable, shared access to cloud services on a pay-as-you-use basis

Private Cloud

The best of public, private and onsite platforms, delivered through our world-class private cloud service

Hybrid Cloud

Leverage the best of both worlds with our hybrid cloud solution, for the ultimate in flexibility and resilience

Cloud Solutions

If your business is already in the Cloud, our solutions help you to leverage your investment and get the most out of it.


Our range of Infrastructure as a Service options support IT, digital and business transformation, wherever your business is headed

Unified Communications

Keep the conversation going, wherever it’s happening, with our Unified Communications solution. All the voice and collaboration tools you need in one, easy-to-use platform


Get control of your data, eliminate unwieldy silos, maximise the potential of your assets and add an extra level of security with our Data Management as a Service solutions


Our next-generation backup solution simplifies IT workloads and proactively monitors your data estate. Reducing transfer times and minimising the loss of critical assets


Have complete peace of mind in your business continuity plan with our full system and application disaster recovery solutions

Microsoft Teams Contact Centre

Meet your customers where they are with our integrated voice and data contact centre solution for Microsoft Teams. A single platform for omnichannel communications, wherever and whenever you need it

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