In a globalised world, borders are dwindling in importance when it comes to trade. It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to access the global market and for countries to foster international relationships to get ahead. As of 2017, the UK ranked as the fourth most connected country in the world.

The government plans to not only get us to the number one spot, but to use our connectivity to boost business productivity, expand our industries, and find ourselves at the top of the global market. But, where do we start?

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

This scheme is just the beginning of the plan for the United Kingdom to become full fibre by 2033. Small businesses can receive a grant of up to £2,500 against the cost of the installation of a gigabit-capable internet connection, created to get the UK closer to its technological goals. Upgrading connection capabilities across the UK is possibly one of the best ways to help the UK stay at the forefront of technological and digital change.

What is Gigabit Broadband?

Upgrading outdated copper internet lines to gigabit capable full fibre lines has one main benefit: It increases internet connection speeds, carrying up to 1Gbps of data per second. This is 100 times faster than today’s average broadband connection. It means downloading 100 photos or 100 songs in three seconds or downloading an HD movie in seven seconds. It’s an undeniably advanced technology, and the UK government is backing it all the way.

How will this benefit businesses?

The UK once had the best productivity in Europe. Today, we produce 16% less on average than the countries in G7. The remedy is a widescale investment in technology. Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on a fast, reliable internet connection to carry out their daily task more efficiently. The increase in cloud computing – for data backups, disaster recovery, and cloud automation – is transforming the way businesses become safer, efficient, and profitable.

Cloud computing provides a way for businesses to remain productive outside of the office and to reduce downtime, helping protect bottom lines. And a strong, fast internet connection allows businesses to liaise with clients across the globe at the click of a button, making income-generating processes more efficient and reducing overheads.

This helps British businesses produce more in shorter periods of time, generating higher revenue. And, if we are collectively improving our efficiency through technology as a country, we have the power to rise above those countries who are lagging with theirs. The ones who can’t conference call because their internet cannot facilitate it. The ones who send emails manually instead of using automation. The ones who lose hours waiting for downloads and updates.

Limited funding – SME’s need to claim their voucher

The uptake in these activities is happening as we speak, successfully. But don’t mistake your ability to engage in these activities as adequate connectivity. There will come a point that your copper wires cannot facilitate your needs and you will need to upgrade. If you wait until then, the government’s £67 million funding for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme will be gone. You’ll have to pay for the upgrade completely out of your own pocket. So, why wait?

As a registered supplier of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, M247 can help to future-proof gigabit connectivity to your businesses wherever you are in the UK. To find out more and check your eligibility, get in touch with our team or complete the form to request a call back.

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