This service allows businesses to dramatically reduce costs and allows flexibility in and out of the office. The main benefits of hosted VoIP include:

Features you can easily control

Complete control of your phone system and a wide range of call handling and management features including; hunt groups set up, automatic call back, call park, 15-way conference calls and many other features. All features can be operated through an easy to use web interface.

Never miss a call

Conveniently integrate your fixed and mobile phones so that you never miss a call. Callers dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile handset simultaneously, you can transfer calls between both handsets seamlessly and both phones can share a voice mailbox.

Lower Costs

As VoIP is hosted on your behalf you only pay for what you need on a simple per user basis. This allows your business to scale up or down easily and quickly. As you are not buying a PBX, there is no major hardware investment. Other cost benefits of IP Telephony including free site to site calls (even across international boundaries) and cheaper call rates.

Enables flexible working

Helping businesses become more efficient by enabling flexible work environments through hot desking, home working and extending the service to mobile devices. Hosted telephony provides a business continuity solution, unexpected events such as floods, power cuts or strikes won’t disrupt your business. Because your phone system sits in the cloud allowing your business to continuing making calls wherever you are.

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