London is at a crossroads. The fast-paced metropolis is struggling to deliver digital connectivity to the growing number of small businesses demanding always on, always connected services.

This is a fundamental challenge to its desired status as the world’s financial and digital innovation hub. There’s an insatiable demand for bandwidth in this city and the traditional fibre solution is not enough anymore. Enter our premium radio technology!

London’s poor connectivity reach, and its impact on local businesses and their competitive status, has been discussed for years. The capital’s growth, red tape and regulation surrounding infrastructure deployment, as well as planning permissions and wayleave difficulties, are calling for a new solution. Wireless/radio rooftop internet installations are the crucial next step in providing London with reliable and resilient digital infrastructure that supports its economic stability and business growth.

We’ve been in London for over 10 years and have invested millions of pounds into our own independent fibre infrastructure. Having our own network, our solutions are not dependent on BT, Virgin or any other legacy third party fibre provider, which is often the crux of the problem.

But we also understand that times are changing and the pace is picking up. SMEs in London are increasingly relying on cloud services, big data, high-definition/high-quality video, conference calls and virtualisation to stay on top of their game and compete globally. They want it all and they want it now.

Radio provides the fastest and most reliable solution for connectivity. In our case, our fibre footprint allows us to install fibre internet from 35 working days. Furthermore, our radio leased lines can be installed within 25 workings days, an even faster solution, compared to the industry standard of 75 – 90 working days. This can literally make or break a business. Radio and fibre provide the most resilient connectivity for businesses and ensure diversity through two different routes, one in the air and one in the ground, for always on, ultra fast internet.

This city is changing rapidly and we can’t keep relying on the same solutions to solve new problems. In places where the landscape (or the landlord) makes installations difficult, radio is the answer. It can be installed anywhere as the data is carried between the two points via an aerial signal; in the UK, we have over 200 Points of Presence (PoP), ensuring wide coverage. Furthermore, wireless doesn’t require any road digging, and doesn’t cause severe planning delays which means it’s incredibly quick and easy to deploy.

We urge planners, property developers, landowners, policymakers and the industry to start working together, remove the unnecessary red tape that surrounds digital infrastructure deployment and start enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their potential. Radio is no longer gaga, it is the only sensible alternative for a bustling city that wants to retain its world leader status and support the lifeblood of its economy – SMEs.

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