Many organisations now regard the internet as ‘the fourth utility’ – essential for running any effective business; this has led to tenants carefully considering what is available to them when choosing a location.

Research shows that a high number of businesses now choose office space based purely on the availability of quickly installed, high capacity leased lines, turning down other options that don’t meet their expectations.

In order to ease the frustrations with traditional services, Internet Enabled buildings (also known as connected buildings) allow tenants to take full advantage of superfast connection speeds – immediately. It’s a simple process whereby high capacity, resilient internet services are pre-installed into a building, offering a turnkey solution for tenants.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons for Landlords to internet Enable their buildings:

1: Guaranteed Revenue Stream

With all of M247’s Internet Enabled Buildings, landlords receive a percentage of the customers internet service rental, as a direct revenue stream. Furthermore, M247 provides marketing and sales support to help secure and retain that customer base – with excellent customer service, that allows landlords to be confident in their provider. A free-phone support number is provided for 24/7 support to our UK based support team.

2: Secure New Lets

From simple emailing to retail sales, accessing cloud services to backing up vital data, rarely a day goes by when a business does not need access to the internet. The availability of M247’s internet service sets office space apart from the rest. Indeed, many of our customers will consult us on the availability of internet services in office spaces, before they make their accommodation choice.

3: Competitive Advantage

One of the main factors for tenants when it comes to choosing a new space is the speed of the connectivity available to their business, with most, if not all businesses now requiring superfast internet services. With speeds from 1Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps, Internet Enabled buildings cover all options, with customers having the ability to upgrade to a higher bandwidth remotely, at a moments’ notice.

4: Reduce Delays

If a landlord has an Internet Enabled Building, then new tenants can have high speed internet and cloud access on the day they move in, which means the rent start date will be immediate, rather than driven by lengthy communication installation lead times.

5: Customer Retention

Along with fantastic office spaces, a fast, reliable, scalable internet service is vital to modern companies and will help to ensure customer retention – tenants will not look elsewhere due to poor internet connectivity and poor customer service. In addition, tenants have the flexibility to move between buildings in a landlord’s property portfolio and enjoy the same superfast connectivity.

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