Digital technology continues to profoundly shape every aspect of our work. The ability to deliver products and services at unprecedented speeds in the race to gain competitive advantage is business critical.

This increase in use of technology has never been more apparent than during the pandemic, and these changes are here to stay. The ‘workplace’ is no longer a physical location of a business, it extends to encompass an ever-changing, complex mix of technology, people, and locations.

We look at the challenges and technological considerations that businesses need to navigate to adapt to and thrive within this ever-evolving landscape to ensure they are set up for success.


Remote work on the rise

As things return to a new normal post-pandemic, 50% of British workers are still working from home at least some of the time, increased from 37% pre-pandemic. This change and expansion in locations as a response to the request for ongoing flexibility makes the requirement for technological efficiency, connectivity, and accessibility more important than ever.


Talent acquisition and retention

Employee attraction and retention are of critical importance, even more so in the current highly competitive job market. This is demonstrated by the position of ‘Pay, job security, and flexible working arrangements’ which were ranked as the top factors in attracting and retaining talent in a Willis Towers Watson Report. Getting the technological infrastructure to accommodate remote and flexible working from anywhere in the world right, is therefore an essential consideration to remain and be viewed as competitive.


Virtual environment

The creation of a virtual workplace environment which is efficient and effective whilst allowing individuals and teams to provide excellence in service must include the right suite of products. Businesses need to ensure they invest in the right suite of tools that will enable digital acceleration and incorporate IT services that support automation within a hybrid workplace.

Furthermore, omnichannel requirements and customer expectations around service levels are increasing, if we look at Contact Centre as an example customer not only want to communicate with businesses via voice, but also via social media channels like WhatsApp and Facebook as well as Live Chat. We are firmly in the generation of customer choice when it comes to communication channels, with customers wanting to speak to businesses at the time that best suits them via their method of choice. In some cases, digital channels are becoming the primary form of communication, over of voice.



Businesses are having to adapt and evolve to meet these new challenges. Adopting a solution such as 247Unified, which is an orchestration of voice services and UC capabilities for Microsoft Teams under one umbrella, will allow businesses to meet the increased technology requirements of the modern workplace and customer expectations.


How it works

Built on Microsoft’s enterprise grade platforms, 247Unified brings together an integration of voice, video, and collaboration, with the latest cloud-based voice features, contact centre and compliance tools, as-a-service.

This includes:

  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing – Call integration, zero touch, international provisioning, local and regional support for multiple locations.
  • Call analytics – Real-time performance and monitoring, call queues and auto attendants reporting
  • Call recording for Microsoft Teams – Stay GDPR and MiFID II compliant and capture inbound and outbound conversations, with the ability to record, encrypt and securely store these in the Cloud.
  • Contact Centre solutions – Keep all the channels in one place with multi-channel and voice-based interactions.
  • Automation – control and optimise IT workflows through a simple, easy to use web portal and interface that allows full overview of users, services, and billing, and most importantly, replaces the need of an IT hefty resource to complete simple tasks.

Getting the right mix of technological solutions to create a workplace environment which keeps customers, employees, and business owners happy requires careful planning and collaboration with stakeholders to continually evolve the new environment.


To discuss how M247 can support your business with your digital transformation journey and support your hybrid workplace with 247Unified, get in touch today.

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