If 2020 proved anything, it’s that an effective contact centre needn’t be a packed-to-the-rafters office building with phones ringing off the hook. A global pandemic and numerous national lockdowns proved that the modern contact centre can be located anywhere, and operate just as well (if not better) with teams working remotely rather than shoehorned into partitioned cubicles. In many ways, the traditional contact centre becomes increasingly outdated, and organisations across the board are looking to harness the increased efficiencies of a hybrid workforce operating in a cloud-based environment and transform customer interactions into a simple, yet comprehensive digital experience.

In this post, we take a look at just some of the benefits of cloud-based contact centre technologies, and suggest ways you can modernise your approach to customer engagement with the latest contact centre for Microsoft Teams capabilities.


Unified communications and modern contact centre technology

Technology transformation and digital innovation are business critical priorities that drive change across all business functions. The mandate to adopt new technology and make sure it meets all the integration, customer engagement and optimisation needs is an ongoing consideration for key business decision makers.

Adopting and adjusting the unified communications strategy to integrate with existing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, will help alleviate some of the risks that come with systems and infrastructure modernisation, such as internal adoption, training and resources to support it.

Besides, having everything on the same platform and working seamlessly together saves time, reduces the headaches for IT managers, and improves all-important CX.

Modern contact centre technology allows customer engagement on multiple platforms and gives organisations the power to automate some of the day-to-day interactions. Alongside telephony and CRM integrations, reporting and call recording capabilities, delivered as a service, ensures a unified stack of communications technologies can contribute to an effective business transformation roadmap, with customers at the heart of every technology consideration and change that must happen.

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If your workforce are able to use the same, familiar environment for messaging colleagues and video conferencing managers as they do for tracking customer queries, executing workflows and supporting customer contacts, their knowledge and understanding of the platform will positively impact the customer experience they deliver Furthermore, being able to connect with customers across multiple platforms, whether that’s Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS or email, and serve them well, wherever they want to be served puts customers at the heart of customer service.

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