Whilst agreeing with Sharon White’s (Chief Executive of Ofcom) statement today that “People across the UK today need affordable, reliable phone and broadband services”

Metronet (UK) believes that failing to fully separate Openreach from BT will not resolve the lengthy installation times and poor service businesses experience today from this monopoly provider.

The Ofcom report contains evidence that shows “Openreach still has an incentive to make decisions in the interests of BT, rather than BT’s competitors.”

The report also highlights the surge in data speeds has led to a “digital divide” with those unable to secure high speed, reliable Internet access being left behind. Despite this divide, the current Openreach structure has resulted in over 8% of all UK premises still being unable to access broadband at even a lowly 10Mbit per second.

Against this backdrop, Metronet (UK) has spent 13 years developing and enhancing it’s own independent, fully resilient, radio access network complete with exceptional service that our wholesale and direct customers benefit from today.

By removing the reliance on Openreach for ‘last mile’ connectivity, Metronet (UK) is able to deliver high speed (Gbits) connectivity in around 14 days across several of the UK’s major cities.

Amar Baghdadi, Head of New Sales, Metronet (UK) added “The time it takes Openreach to install business grade connectivity is unacceptable and damaging British businesses ability to compete effectively. Alternative network operators like Metronet (UK) remain the only answer today for those seeking fast predictable installation times, high speed reliable connectivity and support genuinely focused on the customer.”

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