By 2020 as the volume of global internet traffic continues to grow, connected devices will outnumber the global population by nearly seven to one.

With more than 3 billion people around the globe using social media every month, Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users now account for over a quarter of the world’s population. And, while organic Facebook reach continues to decrease, more and more social marketers are relying on digital advertising to get their message heard.

60 million global monthly active Facebook business pages

In 2017, 98 % of Facebook’s global revenue generated from advertising

Facebook advertising, with its ability to drive immediate results, provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach virtually everyone and anyone. Over 3 million companies actively use Facebook’s targeted advertising system, with 90% of marketers citing benefits such as increasing website traffic and exposure (Social Media Examiner (2016)).

Similarly, 97% of Google’s total revenues come from advertising (Google Investor Relations). And, since Google depends so heavily on Google AdWords, it is unsurprising that businesses are continuing to invest heavily with some 72% of AdWords marketers planning to increase their pay per click budgets through 2018 (Search Engine Watch).

LinkedIn meanwhile, the world’s largest professional network, reached its 450-million-member mark in 2016. Its launch of LinkedIn Audience Network aims to extend further reach by the delivery of Sponsored Content campaigns to third-party publisher apps and sites.

Why are businesses using social advertising and google adwords?

  • Drives repeat business
  • Achieves immediate results
  • Engages website visitors
  • Is mobile – over 84% of Facebook users access from a mobile device
  • Provides measurable and flexible results

There is no disputing; digital advertising is a major way for brands to connect with their audience. It is no longer an add-on or a supplement to traditional marketing methods. But, what happens when the connection itself isn’t there to support the digital marketing effort?

Internet disruptions caused by poor connectivity limit digital interactions. If advertising spends, either on Facebook, Linkedin or Google AdWords cannot be targeted to the most relevant customers in an efficient, time-sensitive way, loss of revenue and hindered growth prevail. Businesses understand only too well that the time it takes to load information on the internet can adversely affect how a consumer views their brand.

As advertising becomes more sophisticated and businesses look to offer a richer multimedia experience, it is essential page load times remain unaffected.

Large American clothing retailer, Nordstrom demonstrated over an 11% fall in online sales when website load time slowed by just half a second. Successful digital advertising relies on uninterrupted connections. Period.

As the UK’s fastest growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider, M247 provide resilient connections to remove disruptions to these services and subsequently lost opportunities for businesses. We afford true resilience by bringing premium radio technology to your building; having a connection in the ground and through the air is one of the only ways your businesses connectivity can be truly resilient.

If you don’t want to waste valuable advertising budget, ensure your future with a premium resilient solution from M247.

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