Digital transformation is one of the biggest disruptors to impact businesses in a generation.

The impact is so significant that some analysts are referring to the current period change as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. That’s a big claim, but one we think is justified.

Traditionally, infrastructure has always been seen as a service. It’s important that your organisation evolves its view and treats infrastructure as a strategic tool, with the right partners in place to drive it forward.

Get this right and your infrastructure could be an enabler for business processes and future innovation.

How Far We’ve Come

In McKinsey’s 2015 IT-as-a-Service Cloud Survey, 77% of businesses planned to have a traditional infrastructure environment, with 34% planning for a dedicated private cloud.

In 2018, when the same survey was repeated, there were clear shifts towards digitally transformed environments. Just 43% of respondents were planning a traditional infrastructure environment; the number planning to use dedicated private clouds rose markedly to 57%.

This is just a small snapshot of McKinsey’s findings, which indicate that businesses are moving away from on-premise infrastructure to embrace the versatility of digitally transformed alternatives. On paper, it sounds like a subtlety, but it’s the key to understanding the massive shift towards the cloud over the last three years.

Virtualisation is a key component of this change. Rather than building infrastructure that is measured in terms of fixed capacity, IT departments are increasingly talking more about consumption. Virtualisation has always played its part, but it’s increasingly forming the foundation of a digitally transformed, ultra-efficient environment.

Analysis and strategic planning are key. So is the right partner. With the right infrastructure, both SMEs and enterprise clients can benefit from the flexibility and cost savings that a digitally transformed environment provides.

Your Route to the Cloud

There’s more than one way for businesses to leverage the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud as part of infrastructure transformation.

Public and private cloud environments have clear benefits for large and small businesses. Hybrids allow them to tap into the best of both.

Our experience tells us that a mixture of cloud services work well for the vast majority of clients. Shared public cloud environments are a key enabler for businesses that don’t have the appetite, budget, or physical space for on-premise infrastructure. Large businesses are effectively utilising our hyper converged and traditional private cloud solutions.

The Revolution is Now

Business leaders are living through a revolution, driven by rapidly changing technology that is opening doors for businesses of all sizes and transforming the way we work. The technology partners chosen during this crucial early stage will determine future differentiation and success. Indeed, getting it right from the start can make the business more resilient in a disrupted market – or enable it to be a disrupter itself.

We firmly believe that infrastructure should form a core component of the business’ strategic goals, and the right provider is key. Their vision can drive yours; their expertise and SLAs can improve performance and focus your efforts.

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