A startup needs online presence in every field the company wants to develop, and hosting services such as dedicated servers or Cloud, are a must-have to its operation. Startup status is only temporary, with companies aspiring to have a big impact on their markets and expanding globally.

Startups challenges regarding hosting

Creating a successful startup can create huge profits, but often in the early stages of development they do not generate income. Consequently, a startup needs a low-cost hosting solution and hosting data in an external data centre can be the most advantageous option if it offers customised startup solutions.

Often startups specialise in a very niche field, and the strategies that support the development of their business require specialised help. Therefore, an external data centre with IT specialists and advanced hosting solutions can support the development of online products or services. Especially when the provider ensures 24/7/365 technical support, with a quick response to notifications.

Although startup has a long process of developing an innovative product or service, it can have a very rapid expansion after launch. For this reason, the chosen hosting solution should offer flexibility, supported by uncompromised connectivity. A data centre provider with a global presence and network can give a startup the most important benefit, scalability.

Hosting solutions for startups and benefits

Every startup has different hosting requirements, you need a clear understanding of your current and future business needs. You should research the available solutions for hosting your IT operations.

Start now by reviewing the main solutions below:

Dedicated servers

A dedicated server solution offers you full control over the server performance, as you do not share it and its resources. You have two options, a managed dedicated server, or an unmanaged version (you will need technical expertise to manage it).

You should choose dedicated server when:

  • You want your online business to be responsive 24/7/365
  • You want more storage space and tight security
  • You have a high volume of stored data
  • You need more resources than a VPS would provide

A quick tip when considering a dedicated server, make sure to correctly estimate your hosting requirements.


Cloud is a hosting service which is suitable for your startup in any of its development stage. Moreover, it is a very good option as:

  • You do not need capacity planning and investment in IT infrastructure
  • You are charged for the used resources, making it cost-effective affordable
  • Your IT resources can scale up and down instantly according to your needs
  • It offers high performance, due to the vast network of servers in worldwide data centres

Find out more with numerous options for Cloud, with different levels of security and hardware resources.

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