With emerging technological trends, such as next-generation security, hybrid cloud and SD-WAN, consumers are continually searching for partners whom they can trust to lead their IT journeys.

The customer experience landscape is revolutionising the decision-making process for businesses, ensuring that their provider of choice is right for them. At the heart of this revolution is Pre-Sales.

The Psychology

Finding a provider who is engaged, flexible and proven can be a challenge and sometimes the best way to evaluate this is to consider a provider’s culture and people. What personal and business values do they instil? Are they approachable and could you work with them?

Choosing a provider should follow a similar methodology to recruitment; consumer and supplier relationships are about partnerships and as such your provider of choice should be considered as a trusted extension of your business, an organisation (and above all people) who can be relied upon to deliver service excellence on your behalf.

Equally, in adverse circumstances; are they an organisation who you can consult with comfortably and constructively? Do you feel they will support you confidently, with a willing and supportive approach?

Being an advocate of the law of attraction, my mantra is simple, by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life; this can be applied in equal measure to both your personal and professional life and as such forms the basis on which a positive partnership can exist. A positive customer experience is one of the most critical aspects of any working relationship and by ensuring this is consistently delivered, we are guaranteeing the success of such partnerships; as a more literal example, ‘word of mouth’ reviews are often the most powerful form of customer attraction.

The Qualities

Having asked yourself these questions and having agreed to discuss your particular requirements with a provider and their Pre-Sales team, what specific qualities and/or attributes should you look for?

In traditional technical fashion, you may find the adoption of the below acronym useful:

Pride – Do they display a sense of pride in their products and services? Do they capture and fulfil all of your requirements, understand your goals and aspirations as a business and present this back to you in a professional and comprehensive manner?

Responsibility – Do they accept and welcome the responsibility and reliance upon which you are placing on them? Do they own and operate their solutions end-to-end, and if not, are they open about this and willing to take responsibility for elements which are outside of their direct control?

Engagement – Do they exercise peer engagement, ensuring that your business operating model and goals are fully understood at all levels with named stakeholder contacts readily available?

Support – Do you feel supported, assured and comfortable in the supplier’s approach in all areas of your business?

Adjust – Upon designing a solution and met with a change or adjustment to be made, is the supplier flexible and able to adjust their approach confidently and efficiently to meet your business needs?

Listen – Do you feel they have listened to you, understood your requirements and documented them; sufficiently demonstrating how these will be addressed?

Educate – Can they sufficiently educate you in your technology choice and in so doing lead your businesses IT strategy?

Solve – Above all attributes, do they formulate a solution that addresses your problem and/or desire for technological change or advancement?


Choosing an IT provider for your business grade services can be a challenge and often the fear of engaging a new supplier can cast a shadow over the potential benefits this could bring you as a business.

With an open-minded approach and a willingness to discuss your requirements openly with providers, whilst evaluating their approach and culture, will inevitably allow you to find a provider who can innovative, fulfil your needs and become a valued partner and extension of your IT function.

Here at M247, we pride ourselves on our Pre-Sales team; expert industry professionals who strive to provide customers with the best technical solution.

Get in touch with us today and request a discussion with our Pre-Sales team, who will be happy to help you begin your IT journey.

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