Digitalisation has brought major changes in business, technology interest is growing, and more and more companies choose colocation services to support their digital strategy. The development of a company’s operations, along with an increase in data volume, requires an expansion of their data centre infrastructure and of the resources allocated to it. This can make outsourcing become a more efficient solution.

The banking sector has aligned itself over time with the digital transformation process because it is one of the most complex areas of activity. So, from the simplest to the most sophisticated operations, automation is the most efficient option. Meeting customer expectations remains the main priority.

However, technology has no value if it does not work as expected and if it is not secure enough. Colocation centers provide scalability opportunities for the company when meeting, they are in a pole position when it comes to choosing and adopting new technologies, being an insurer of permanent evolution and security.

If you from the banking sector you will be aware of the most important challenges. M247 could be the solution for your IT infrastructure, find out more about our colocation services.

Colocation Services Provide Multi-Level Security

In banking, as far as management teams are concerned, data protection and security are still met with scepticism.

Confidence in a colocation centre is defined by the availability of multiple security systems on multiple levels. From building access and equipment used to optimum operating conditions, to disaster prevention systems. Network protection against cyber-attacks is essential, as it can ensure maximum uptime, without interruptions.

M247 is an internationally accredited ISO 27001 partner for management systems that fulfil all the security conditions of managed information. Moreover, the following advanced systems make the M247 infrastructure ultra-secure:

  • Resilient N+1 UPS power protection
  • N+1 Generator device protection
  • Fire detection system (VESDA)
  • Smoke sensors fire detection
  • N+1 AC Cooling device
  • N+1 Adiabatic Cooling device
  • Enhanced security and the possibility of setting a PIN for each rack
  • VPN, dedicated lines, Firewall, anti-FLOOD solutions.

Confidentiality Is Guaranteed by Personalized Solutions

Owning IT infrastructure does not mean that the bank must also own the space where it is stored. Colocation services offer partial or total hosting of IT equipment, or just backup resources, in private spaces.

More importantly, M247 offers the possibility to create private rooms customised to a single client’s needs.

Ensuring Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness through Colocation

Digitisation is a continuous and fast process, and although it can be defined as a process of streamlining operations, it involves a continuous investment in the IT infrastructure of the data centre. Even if the main objective is security, the banking sector will keep track of costs through the management teams.

What if the requirement is for IT infrastructure expansion, performance and cost reduction at the same time? You would probably consider it a step-by-step process. But the colocation services offered by M247 ensure all these advantages in the same time by:

  • Providing the necessary space and utilities (monitored and controlled), the possibility of extending it at any time in the future
  • Easy access to Centres in London, New York, Zurich, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tokyo
  • Protecting against cyber-attacks through highly secured network
  • Disaster prevention and detection systems
  • Infrastructure and a highly-redundant network
  • Protecting valuable data
  • Protecting your clients’ personal records
  • Taking over the daily tasks of managing your IT infrastructure, while your operations team can take over the development of new solutions that are necessary for banks to satisfy their customers who are increasingly oriented towards digital services.

All these are attributes that build and maintain the reputation of a company and the trust of its customers in it. M247 has prioritised the banking sector by providing services that can meet the individual requirements of a bank regarding the colocation of equipment. Contact us to find out how we can customise our colocation services for your business.

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