With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) emerging as a leading technology with considerable organisational benefits, many businesses are looking to transition to a more flexible, scalable and feature-rich communications environment.

You may already know that VoIP allows organisations to make free, or very low-cost telephone calls over the internet. Small businesses that switch to VoIP reduce the cost of their local calls by 40%, and save up to 90% on international calls. Indeed, the cost savings can be significant, but the other benefits can be transformational to businesses today.


VoIP enables your staff to work from virtually any location, provided a robust data connection is available. Remote workers can conduct virtual meetings or conference calls. The ability to integrate existing email applications into a VoIP platform means that you can benefit from a fully unified communication experience, whether in the office, home, or on the road.

Businesses can keep existing phone numbers or switch to a specific regional dialling code. VoIP trunking services can be relocated to a new office without the need for time consuming and complex reconfiguration of devices. This flexibility can also help keep staffing costs down by reducing property and travel costs without impacting on the quality of calls or service.


A common feature of VoIP architecture is high availability dual data centre solution, i.e. if traffic from one fails, it seamlessly routes to the other data centre, with no loss of calls. It enables the separation of inbound and outbound calls as either ISDN or VoIP, ensuring a level of onsite resilience unobtainable with a traditional ISDN infrastructure.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are imperative in today’s market place. By using hosted VoIP solution, your business can respond to unforeseen disasters or staffing issues by routing calls to other offices or alternative numbers. In fact, most providers offer an online portal to manage your routing and disaster recovery.


Communication capacity often needs to change and sometimes at very short notice. With hosted telephony, the required capacity can be easily and quickly increased in the event of a large influx of calls or as a business grows. A contact centre can increase their channels or purchase new inbound numbers in a few minutes, without the need for any engineering time or additional hardware – something that is not possible on a legacy ISDN connection. This scalability allows you to utilise the services you require and at the correct capacity.

Reporting and Analytics

An easy to use, web-based administration system allows you to easily manage your hosted telephony platform. This enables quick resolution of issues and requests along with call reporting, performance and usage. Detailed reporting including KPIs, staffing levels and incidents provides the level of information you need to help you manage your business efficiently.

Most VoIP providers offer a web portal allowing customers to quickly remove and add services. Reduction in hardware and engineering time also means less project management time and support maintenance.

Integration and Enablement

With VoIP you can aim to build a unified and simplified communications infrastructure integrating your CRM, MS office and other third-party application. Video, voice and data can all be routed over one IP connection, simplifying your infrastructure, billing and communications management.

M247’s world class VoIP solution can empower them through increased flexibility, scalability and efficiency, with excellent pricing and service as a standard. We offer robust connectivity for your business growth. Our connectivity and voice solutions ensure that business calls are not hindered by poor connectivity as we can apply quality of service free of charge.

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