Whether you need high-speed internet access, uninterrupted data streams for your business communications and operations, or need the capability to run tools and apps to help better manage your infrastructure, switching to fibre leased line connectivity will have big benefits for your business.

A fibre dedicated leased line is a fixed-bandwidth internet connection between two locations that is reserved for use by an individual subscriber. In general, dedicated fibre leased lines are used to fulfil two common purposes: to provide corporate offices with a high-capacity connection to the internet and to connect the local network of several corporate offices together to form a wide-area-network. In addition to these two purposes, dedicated leased lines can also be used to carry an organisation’s phone calls and to provide enough bandwidth at a company’s head office to allow a large team of staff to simultaneously connect to their work computers from a remote location.

If you don’t want your business to feel the limits of shared communications and data connections, and need the benefits of guaranteed high connection speeds, a fibre leased line is your best option.

As well as the benefits listed above, fibre leased line connectivity offers a whole host of other benefits which extend further into helping you optimise your business operations.

In this article, we will look at 10 different ways that fibre leased line connectivity will benefit your business.

Faster connection speeds

A fibre leased line offers connectivity that is far superior to even the best copper internet connection, and during periods of high demand for internet access, your business will not be affected by your connection slowing down.

If your business currently experiences slow internet during peak hours, you may think that this is a minor issue. However, in the long-term, this time adds up and can have a major effect on overall business productivity. Your organisation’s internet connection should never have a negative impact on business productivity, and a fibre leased line connection will provide your business with an internet connection that optimises your overall business performance.

Access to cloud computing

From large data storage to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, cloud computing has become an important business tool for apps, hosting, and other crucial modern business functions. With cloud computing, speed and bandwidth capabilities are crucial, and a fibre leased line connection provides faster access to data and applications stored in the cloud. With a fibre leased line connection, your organisation will benefit from fewer delays when accessing your cloud-hosted information through your business tools and platforms, which means that your sales team will no longer face delays when communicating with your prospects and customers. If your business is moving towards cloud computing, fibre leased line connectivity is crucial.

Connection reliability

Compared with standard copper internet connections, fibre is significantly more reliable. Because fibre is much stronger than copper, fibre leased line connections are not susceptible to unpleasant weather conditions which can damage or stall data transmission transported through copper cabling. In addition, fibre is resistant to human or electrical interference, unless the fibres are physically cut.

As we said before, unreliable internet connections can have a negative impact on your business, both in cost and productivity. Unplanned downtime can bring your business communications and productivity to a complete halt. If your company needs an internet connection to make phone calls or access vital online applications, reliability is crucial.

Stronger signal

With traditional broadband connections that use DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or Ethernet over Copper, the strength of the signal decreases as you move further away from the switch. This is where a fibre leased line connection is different. With fibre, the signal strength doesn’t decrease over distance. This is a benefit to bigger organisations who operate in larger spaces, and therefore require a stronger signal throughout their entire business premises.

Symmetrical Speed

The term “symmetrical speed” is used to describe an internet connection that has equal upload and download speeds. With a fibre leased line connection, your employees can benefit from symmetrical speeds.

While symmetrical speeds may not be crucial for every business’ operations, it is certainly always a beneficial factor. For example, many employees are now more likely to upload video content and large files, or make phone calls while downloading content whilst they work. Symmetrical speeds enables users to cater for heavy demands on downloads and uploads at the same time through their data connection.

Low latency

“Latency” is the term that is used to describe delays that occur while processing data over an internet connection. Fibre leased line connections eliminate many of the network latency issues faced by users of cable internet, such as latency when downloading or uploading high-definition content, like videos. Like symmetrical speed, eliminating latency may not be crucial for your business, but lowering latency can yield several other benefits for your business, including;

  • Higher voice quality for VoIP users
  • Ability to move apps to the cloud
  • No interruptions when downloading large files

High security

With increased attention towards cyber security, fibre leased line connectivity offers a cost-effective way of increasing your own business’ internet security. Hackers and information thieves can gain access to a business’ cable internet connection relatively easily with simple techniques such as “cable tapping”. On the other hand, fibre connections are much harder to infiltrate as the only way to penetrate leased line connectivity is to physically cut the fibres, which will cause the signal to totally disappear.

Cost savings

As described above, eliminating your business’ internet speed issues could result in hours upon hours of productivity increases a year. If your business suffers connectivity issues due to the weather or regional factors, you could easily be losing thousands of pounds every year. On the other hand, productivity issues because of slow or unreliable cable internet could vanish with a fibre leased line connection.

Even more importantly, a fibre leased line connection could provide your business with flexibility and scalability which is crucial to the ongoing growth of a business. For example, if your IT team is planning to move more applications and services to the cloud, a leased line connection can support these initiatives. Cloud storage, Software-as-a-Service (Saas), and VoIP are all business services that require the speed and capabilities of a fibre leased line connection and could provide enormous cost savings and productivity increases for your business.

Capability for HD video

For many companies, teleconferencing and videoconferencing have become important tools for employee training, staff and client meetings, marketing, and sales. With a fibre leased line connection, you can increase your use of video conferencing as a business tool without sacrificing any bandwidth. This means more cost savings for businesses, particularly if you are able to cut out any costs of excessive business travel.

Ready for leased line connectivity?

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