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With vast footprint across Greater Manchester, M24Seven is committed to providing fast and reliable fibre and wireless connectivity to aid economic growth. M24Seven offers a complete suite of products such as hosted voice telephony, dedicated data centres, and a range of security solutions to serve the needs of businesses to work faster & more efficiently. We offer a complete end-to-end quality of service assurance that is backed up by our guarantee when we manage both your voice and data networks.

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Manchester has long been on the map for innovative digital scene, but slow business broadband is hampering progress. Despite being at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse and home to some of the fastest growing businesses like, InTheStyle, Misguided, JDSports, Manchester has slowest internet speeds in the region. Latest data shows that businesses in the city centre get much lower internet speeds than surrounding boroughs. In addition, Manchester has the worst access to superfast broadband connections in Greater Manchester. While progress has been made with the residential broadband market, businesses have not enjoyed the same benefits and struggle to get access to fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Gigabit Speeds for Businesses in Manchester

M24Seven’s independent radio wireless internet network provides true resilience and diversity from the BT exchange network. M24Seven services, thus, are ideal for back-up and disaster recovery if there is an existing fibre leased line, EFM or fibre broadband. In addition, our industry-leading radio and wireless technology can reach even the biggest not-spots in the region. We can quickly install high-capacity, resilient services into a building as a turnkey solution, without relying on traditional network providers.

M24Seven offers a quantum leap in speeds at which businesses access internet, ensuring consistent connection regardless of the time of the day. We provide improved quality of data transfer with both fibre leased lines and wireless leased lines, enabling firms to quickly upload and download big files, collaborate with colleagues and customers on conference or video calls or swap their on-site solutions for cloud computing.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Superfast installations with our high-speed fibre and radio leased line connections from 15 working days*
  • Change your connectivity solution based on your unique business needs. Once connected to our network, we can upgrade your connection from 5 days*
  • Expert team of capable local engineers ensure better control and minimum disruption times
  • Faster speeds and improved quality of data transfer with both fibre leased lines and wireless leased lines

*subject to site survey