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M247 has built an independent dark fibre network in Greater London covering hundreds of thousands of postcodes throughout Westminster, the City, Canary Wharf, Soho, Camden and many other not spot areas. M247 understands there are a large proportion of businesses in central London that are unable to get the connectivity speeds they deserve, nearly a third of London SMEs estimate they could have lost more than £10,000 per year due to connectivity issues.

London’s poor connectivity reach, and its impact on local businesses and their competitive status, has been discussed for years. Our vision puts our customers at the heart of everything we do, we want to empower business productivity for our customers and the economy.


We have recently launched our radio leased line network in London

M247 are one of the only providers to be able to offer true resilience, a connection in the ground and in the air fully managed by one provider. With London businesses relying on the internet more and more they need a fully resilient solution – and with traditional methods there can always be unexpected downtime by third party actions such as roads being dug up.

M247 gives businesses MORE productivity with tailor-made connectivity with fibre and wireless leased lines.

Add leased line resilience to your connectivity network, and insure yourself against these unforeseen events, your internet connection will stay intact, meaning productivity will not suffer.

M247 owns its own network, fleet and team of expert engineers. This means more control, industry-leading SLAs and minimum disruption times. It also delivers both fibre leased lines and wireless leased lines, meaning faster speeds and improved quality of data transfer.

M247 offer a complete set of products, including connectivity, VoIP, hosting and security – one provider who wholly owns installations and on-going service needs.