System engineer, Radu Lixandru, talks to us about his journey from junior system engineer to team leader.

The company stood out to me and the role excited me straight away

I joined M247 in 2015 as a Junior System Engineer, since then I have worked my way up to become Team Leader for the Level 2 Support team in the M247 Bucharest office.

Both M247 as a company and the role both stood out to me straight away. The role was very exciting, and I knew it would present me with the opportunity to grow and develop from the start. Everyone in the organization is very inviting and helpful with a real can-do attitude.

M247 understands what is needed to help you grow and evolve in your career

The organization and team members are all very supportive. Colleagues are always there to give you the best advice and push you in the right direction. M247 understands what is needed to help you grow and evolve in your career.

I previously worked for a small network company where I didn’t have much responsibility, but my role here has offered me both responsibility and the ability to continually develop and learn. As a System Engineer, it was vital for me to fully understand computer operating systems such as servers, mainframe computers, supercomputers, and more.

I have been encouraged to undertake Linux training by senior managers. This course is supporting me and the business by allowing me to explore various tools and techniques used by system administrators and engineers to enhance their day-to-day work.

M247 has allowed me to develop as an individual

After a year of being with M247, I was promoted to Compliance Supervisor and then shortly after to Help Desk Manager. Whilst my role has continued to evolve with the business, I am still involved in the day to day running of these teams as well as being a Team Leader.

Being part of a number of different teams has taught me how to collaborate effectively across departments. By doing so, M247 has allowed me to develop as an individual and broaden my insights with so much exposure to problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and teamwork. We are always encouraged to try new things which will help build our career.

I am constantly learning and evolving

No two days with M247 are the same and I constantly learn and evolve, both as a person and as a Team Leader. We all learn from each other, sharing ideas and always assisting each other in many different ways.

Technology is evolving daily and having the opportunity to experience the latest developments in this rapidly changing area is very exciting. I enjoy learning about new products and assisting my teams in supporting our customers to the best of their ability.

I enjoy everything about working for M247

M247 is a global partner for digital transformation, where the opportunities are endless. It’s such an exciting place to work. The supportive culture of the business makes me love what I do here, I enjoy everything about working for M247 and I believe we have a great future ahead of us.


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