Moving your applications and workloads to the Cloud is easy. We can provide our own Public Cloud solution to suit your business needs.

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M247Cloud is a hyper-converged cloud platform that enables your business applications to run on flexible, reliable resources with rapid scaling; making it suitable to meet your day-to-day business demands both now and in the future.

Free your technology infrastructure to grow without limitation, so you can reach further, faster, and serve more customers.


Not all clouds are created equal. Aim higher with M247Cloud

  • Flexibility, scale as your business demands​
  • Resilience across multiple data centers​
  • Enhanced security​
  • Application performance control​
  • Advanced monitoring and analytics​
  • Single point of contact​
  • Fixed, predictable operating costs​
  • Underpinned by cloud ready networks​
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Public Cloud

If you’re looking to expand your current infrastructure or migrate some of your services to the public cloud, we can provide migration and optimization services to support your business. ​


Our global private network enables cloud connectivity, when and where you need it. So whether you’re looking to go all in on the public cloud or as part of a hybrid cloud strategy, our team of experts will assess your applications, workloads, and requirements and make best-fit recommendations for workload placements and use of public cloud services.​

  • Cloud assessment services​
  • Guidance on which cloud is suitable for your business data
  • Right-sizing and migration services​
  • Optimization and cost control services​
  • 24/7/365 expert support as needed​

Cloud computing has changed the way companies do business, forever. It’s made data more mobile. It’s simplified scaling. And it’s allowed businesses to build collaborative connections between teams, anywhere in the world.


M247Cloud offers public cloud solutions, running on truly best-in-class technology. Our robust infrastructure is designed to support even the most demanding data and processing needs.

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