Business continuity is essential for business of all sizes. Its imperative to understand the approach to backing up data and how to easily recover the information if needed

Data loss can happen at any time, the most common causes are:

  • Viruses
  • Hacking
  • Hardware failure
  • Human error

Backup services are evolving and becoming more sophisticated

Reduce your risk exposure with our cloud based solutions. We employ industry leading software that ensures your business and mission critical workloads are protected.

Enabling you to access your intellectual property at any time. Access to data is easy via a Portal (GUI) and enables specific data searches meaning you do not have to restore the entirety of your data.

We have a range of back up and recovery products to suit your needs and budget. Leveraging our Global network to deliver services and enhance your IT resiliency internationally, via private, public or hybrid cloud.

  • Continuous or scheduled backups
  • Industry leading RPO and RTO times
  • Localised, secondary and tertiary services
  • Multi-cloud options - private, public or hybrid
  • Data compression
Backup & recovery options

Backup types


  • Localised backup service
  • RPO 15min – 24Hour​
  • RTO minutes​
  • Single localised copy​
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  • Cloud based backup software to secondary or tertiary locations
  • Backs up to multiple locations cloud or customer site capability
  • Application aware, integrates with software for recovery purposes
  • File storage capability, complements existing backup solutions
  • De-dupes and compresses data to maximise storage capacity
  • RPO 15min – 24Hour​
  • RTO minutes​
  • Offsite backup copy​
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  • Continuous data protection
  • Multi cloud replication
  • Workload mobility
  • Extended and unlimited data retention options
  • RPO seconds​
  • RTO minutes​
  • Multiple offsite backup copy options​
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Global network coverage

No one even noticed that we’d switched over. The fact that the business was unaware and didn’t know what was happening speaks volumes – no impact, no downtime, it just happened.

M247 has been the best service provider I have ever worked with. Their customer experience has been top class and their response time was always within minutes.

- Cristina Paun

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