Our migration services help you understand your needs, select the right cloud, plan your migration and get you there safely with minimal disruption.​


We can move workloads between private, public or hybrid clouds. Safe migration of your applications and data is a challenge for any business. Traditional methods can take days or weeks to implement and doesn’t come without risk. We can mitigate the risk and take the pain out of this process.

Our solutions offer:

  • No down time or interruption to service
  • Leverage our global network investment to fully hybridise and integrate your cloud
  • Data replication
  • Single workload or full infrastructure migration
  • Pre-migration testing and one-click roll back


In addition our solutions can identify and provide recommendations on how to resolve issues with your workloads, optimising your service, our health check will assess:

  • Performance
  • Operations
  • Costs
  • Protection
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Compliance and industry standards requirements


Our cloud experts run an initial workshop to understand your current infrastructure, challenges and goals for the cloud migration. This is followed by a deep-dive infrastructure assessment where we use software tools to analyse the current workloads. From this we are able to build a design of how your business applications would look when migrated to the cloud.

  • Scope and understand the deployment
  • Right-size the destination
  • Choose between lift-and-shift or re-platforming
  • Review licensing
  • Review networking and dependencies
  • Select the optimum migration method


Firstly we deliver a details scope of works for the migration to the cloud. Clear expectations of who is responsible for which pieces, expected timescales to complete each stage along with contingency plans as required. Then the team undertake the careful migration of each phase ensuring minimal disruption of business operations. Once migrated, we remove any unnecessary “on-premise” components from each workload to maximise performance.

  • Build target environment and import data
  • Confirm successful data import
  • Enable monitoring and reporting
  • Patch and update OS and applications
  • Harden servers
  • Zero trust approach
  • Remove legacy 3rd party tools


Our team will review your cloud services to monitor for under/over specific workloads, checking scaling up in appropriately configured and limits are in place.
Regular reviews to monitor over-specified workloads, appropriate use of storage accounts, optimum licensing strategy. Recommendations to consider alternative deployment methods to reduce costs e.g. serverless instances.

  • Review sizing, scaling, and DR
  • Scheduled downscaling for unused server hours
  • Validate test/dev workloads are still necessary
  • Move to serverless applications
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