With 99.95% uptime and proactive monitoring, we are always one step ahead of any potential problems. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and resolving any issues quickly and efficiently is our priority

24/7/365 Support

40 support staff working 24/7 shifts

Leading NPS Score

Consistently above industry average

Customers at the heart

Dedicated technical & customer care teams

24/7/365 Support

40 support staff working 24/7 shifts

Leading NPS Score

Consistently above industry average

Customers at the heart

Dedicated technical & customer care teams

Our customer support commitment


All our customers and partners have access to 24/7/365 support. With 99.95% up-time and proactive monitoring, problems are extremely rare, but if a M247 customer does experience an issue, we promise to fix tier 1 incidents within four hours.


We own our own network and employ our own engineers, it means we always oversee the resolution from start to end, never ever passing a problem. It’s the way we’ve always worked and is part of our culture here at M247.

24/7 Technical support team

Always-on proactive monitoring and support with dedicated teams

Our technical experts ensure you get the support you need, when you need it. Our ongoing NPS survey allows our customers to feedback on the service they are receiving.

  1. 24/7/365 support and monitoring: 20+ system engineers and technicians working 24/7 shifts
  2. Specialist teams: managing services, ensuring the right fix, faster
  3. Strict SLAs and operational KPIs
  4. 24/7/365 NOC proactively monitoring our network and resolving incidents
  5. Talk to our technical experts who answer the phone directly


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M247 network operations centre

Constant, proactive network monitoring, using enterprise-class network management tools, means M247 can offer customers an unrivalled level of service and complete peace of mind. Our support model means we offer:

  1. Round-the-clock proactive monitoring of the core network, delivering 99.95% availability
  2. Raise alerts and provide fixes using our state-of-the-art systems

This proactive support model means we often identify and fix issues before customers are even aware of anything happening.


Pre-Sales Team

We pride ourselves on our Pre-Sales team; employing the best in industry professionals who deliver against our values as an organisation:

  • Delivering brilliant customer service, making it easy for you to do business with us
  • Operating an environment and culture that attracts talented individuals to our organisation, allowing you to leverage the best technical minds in the industry
  • Utilising the best data and insight to ensure we provide the best products and services possible to you
  • Empowering customers through the use of our agile and flexible solutions, allowing customers to make the best possible technology choices with M247 at the helm

M247 field based engineers and warehouse

When its our own network, its our own engineers. Our strong team of experienced, professional field engineers work alongside our warehouse team to deliver customer solutions and resolve issues 24-7, 365 days a year.

We can schedule services around you e.g. around your peak business hours, to ensure minimal disruption.

24-7 access to our warehouse and stock on demand

Our engineers work together with our warehouse team meaning stock can be allocated, configured and prepared ready for dispatch faster; fixes are made quicker and installations are provided and overseen from start to finish by us – meeting our SLA’s.

Health & safety and quality standards a priority

As a minimum, all M247 engineers have achieved: NICEIC Safe Isolation, IPAF, Working at Heights, IOSH, First Aid and Fixed Access & Ladder Rescue training.

M247 Billing support team

Our Billing support team is here to help with the non-technical queries such as account updates and billing.


Our team commitment: to ensure our customers can connect to someone who understands their query and takes ownership of fixing it as quickly as possible with a clearly communicated plan.

Billing department for:

  • Billing updates and queries
  • General account queries
  • Change in contact details
  • Contract novations
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Frequently asked questions and queries

Q. I want to change the services I have e.g. upgrading and downgrading
A. Please contact your account manager who will action this for you.

Q. I don’t know who my account manager is
A. Please email with your account details along with your query.

Q. How do I cancel a service?

A. A service can be cancelled in 3 ways:

a. access the client portal and place a cancellation request

b. open a ticket or send an email to the Billing department requesting the service to be cancelled

c. if the service is under contract, discuss the cancellation request with your Account Manager

Q. How do I novate a service / take over a contract from another company / transfer a contract to another company?

A. Please contact Billing support team to request novations. Note – this is a chargeable service that will be advised on application.




Q. I want a copy of my contract or a have a general contract query
A. Please contact the Billing support team with your query or to request a copy of your contract.

Q. I have a query about my latest invoice
A. Please contact the Billing team who will look into your query and get back to you.

Q. I’d like to give some feedback
A. Please give feedback about any aspect of service you’ve received via email

Contact Billing team

Sales: +4 031 080 0700

Support: +4 031 080 0700

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