MTrends: How prepared are businesses when disaster strikes?

We take a look at recent research that highlights the true picture around the success and impact of disaster.




MTrends: Relationship between IT providers and end users

We wanted to know what happens when the complexity of the IT ecosystem and infrastructure is more developed than in-house teams can comfortably manage.




Key trends within Unified Communications

With remote working growing at unprecedented levels and the adoption of Unified Communications (UC) solutions surging, we take a look at most anticipated trends predicted this year.




MTrends: Navigating procurement of cloud solutions

With cloud computing big on the IT agenda, procurement of a cloud solutions provider can be challenging and somewhat overwhelming. In a recent YouGov poll we asked over 500 IT decision makers how they plan in an ever-changing IT landscape and what are the key drivers behind their cloud migration strategy. Read the associated infographic on our research findings here.




MKnowledge guide: Unified communications

A great deal has happened since Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone. The introduction of social media in the late 90s and explosion in the early 2000s has led to the development of a plethora of new communication channels. Advances in technology and connectivity has made these channels more accessible than ever before, although many remain on separate platforms with limited collaboration. Unified communication solutions are changing this landscape dramatically. Teams of people can now collaborate and communicate with ease wherever, whenever and however they want.




Infographic: The changing world of work

The way we work has changed beyond recognition and the traditional 9-5 office job, chained to the desk, for most has become a thing of the past. More and more people are able to work remotely, from a variety of locations, and often at a time of day that suits them best. Read more about this in our latest infographic and also how to ensure your business is digitally ready to support this change.




MKnowledge guide: Digital transformation

In today’s rapidly changing world, digital transformation is becoming increasingly important for businesses who wish to remain competitive and grow. If you’re not clear on what digital transformation means, and how it could benefit your business, our quick MKnowledge Guide has been designed to give you an overview, and a step-by-step guide to this increasingly important area of business strategy.




Whitepaper: The failure of no failover

For any business, the loss of internet connectivity means significant disruption. It also results in significant lose of productivity and revenue that multiply every minute that you can’t get online.

Whitepaper content:

  • How to ensure resilience in your internet connectivity
  • How to audit your provider
  • The options and solutions to consider when planning your resilient
  • Internet connection



Infographic: The future of telephony in a cloud based world

The age of digital transformation is upon us, when multi and omni channel communication to and from business is key. Yet, in this highly digitalised world the importance of a human voice touch means that telephony still remains a central part of any business communication strategy. Read more about this in our latest infographic.




Infographic: Disaster recovery, think you’ve got it covered? Think again!

Have you assessed your Disaster Recovery plan?

No business is immune to a disaster which has the potential to cause IT failure. Significant periods of IT downtime can leave organisations without access to their mission-critical business assets.

Our latest infographic will help you evaluate your Disaster Recovery plan, discover the latest facts and understand the current solutions!




Whitepaper: The future of business communications

Technology is ever changing, but ​​have you considered changing habits or choices in the way you interact with business technology?

Download our whitepaper to learn more about omnichannel communication, the changing landscape of telecoms and will best benefit your customers future business communications.

Whitepaper content:

  • The history of communications
  • The evolution of business communication technology
  • Why you need to continually adapt to be truly omnichannel to deliver a top-class customer experience.



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