Today, the success of a company is closely related to the level of digitization and online presence, this means a modern and fast website, a stable eCommerce platform or applications that run efficiently. In order for your business to benefit from high-performance digital resources, M247 offers dedicated server solutions, delivered from a data center with Tier 3 standards, in the most diverse configurations. Dedicated servers are an excellent option for high-traffic websites or complex business applications, giving you total control over hardware and software resources. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of M247’s dedicated server offering in Romania, discuss the difference between VPS servers and dedicated servers, and look at the dedicated server option for hosting online gaming platforms.

The benefits of M247 dedicated servers

M247 offers dedicated servers that can be customized to the requirements of any business. They come with a number of advantages that ensure you an excellent experience in terms of availability, performance and security. Here are some of the benefits of M247 dedicated servers:

  1. High performance: M247 dedicated servers offer dedicated hardware and software resources, which means you don’t share them with other users. Thus, you benefit from greater processing capacity, thanks to Intel Xeon Gold 5218 processors with 16 cores, for example, and fast SSDs.
  2. Flexibility and scalability: You have full control over the dedicated server, including the operating system, applications and settings. You can customize and scale the server according to your business dynamics.
  3. Increased security: By having a dedicated server, you do not share resources with other users, which means that the risk of being affected by other websites’ problems is minimal. You can implement additional security measures to protect your data and confidential information. M247 dedicated servers run in cyber as well as physical secure environments.
  4. High quality technical support: M247 offers dedicated technical support available 24/7. Their team of experts is at your disposal to solve any problem and help you get the best performance from your dedicated server. Depending on the package chosen, you can also benefit from a dedicated person for level 2 or 3 support and the replacement of a hardware component in just 4 hours after reporting a problem.

The difference between VPS servers and dedicated servers

Many people wonder what is the difference between VPS servers and dedicated servers. It is important to understand these differences in order to choose the right solution for your specific needs. Here are some key points that highlight the differences between VPS servers and dedicated servers:

  1. Hardware resources: In the case of VPS servers, the hardware resources (processor, memory, storage) are shared among several users. On the other hand, dedicated servers provide dedicated hardware resources without sharing them with other users. You have exclusive access to all contracted resources.
  2. Control and customization: With a VPS (Virtual Private Server), although you have partial control over the server, there are restrictions related to the operating system and hardware configuration. On the other hand, dedicated servers give you total control and flexibility in choosing the operating system, settings and applications you want to use.
  3. Performance: Since resources are shared between users in the case of VPS servers, performance may be affected if one of the users consumes a large part of the resources. Dedicated servers offer superior performance because you have exclusive access to hardware resources.
  4. Security: When using a VPS server, there is a lower level of security because there are multiple users sharing the same hardware resources. With dedicated servers, you benefit from a higher level of security because the resources are dedicated exclusively to your business.

Ultimately, choosing between a VPS server and a dedicated server depends on your requirements and budget. If you have a website with high traffic, complex applications or need total control over your IT infrastructure, then dedicated servers are an excellent option.

Windows dedicated servers

M247 offers dedicated server options with Windows operating system. Choosing a dedicated server with Windows can be especially beneficial if you use technologies and applications developed on Microsoft technologies, such as for example. On the other hand, Windows is the most widely known and used operating system, which means that you will find people for administration work more easily.

On this subject, we recommend that you also read the article Choosing the operating system (OS) for Dedicated Servers – M247, it will clarify the differences between Windows and Linux.

Dedicated servers for hosting online gaming platforms

For companies in the gaming industry, M247 offers dedicated servers specially designed for hosting online gaming platforms. These servers are optimized to ensure real-time performance and stability, eliminating lag and providing a smooth gaming experience. In any scenario, from online mobile games to console games or VR-based games, gamers need a solid infrastructure to stay connected to their favorite activity. Thus, M247 dedicated servers for hosting online gaming platforms are the ideal solution to meet their requirements.

The dedicated servers for hosting online gaming platforms offered by M247 have powerful processing and memory resources as well as ultra-fast network connections. They ensure low ping and minimal latency, meaning players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Whether you want to host a single game or several, M247 has the right dedicated servers for you. You can choose the hardware specifications and software configurations that suit your needs, and the M247’s technical support team will always be at your side to help you with any problem or question you may have.

With the dedicated servers for hosting M247 online gaming platforms, you can create virtual communities, multiplayer competitions and give your players a great gaming experience.

If you want your activity to benefit from the best performing digital resources, choose the M247 offer of dedicated servers in Romania. Whether you need dedicated Windows servers for website or business applications or dedicated servers for hosting online gaming platforms, M247 has the right option for you. Choose M247 dedicated servers and support packages and enjoy a high level of performance and stability of your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on the things that really matter to your business.

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