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Executive Interview

Posted 25 Mar, 2019

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M247 Chief Revenue Officer, Neil Rampe, talks about what 2019 will bring for the business and our key areas of focus


What we try to achieve with our customers is just based upon simple, honest interaction, questioning and understanding. Through that it’s really simple for us to understand what it is a customer is looking for, where they think they might end up going and then to be able to create the solution that matches with those needs over time. Combining that with our own network, gives us commercial and technological flexibility

Our network – why is that so important? Because it’s ours, we can do what we want with it at whatever stage during a customer contract. We are constantly in a position where we seek to achieve the ability to adapt and provide our customers what they want, when they want it, as they grow and as their needs change.

2019 sees us investing in people and our technological capabilities. In terms of people we are investing in the workplace and the environment to foster innovation and creativity. We are also investing in people in terms of talent, across the whole business we are looking to add in the best people that we can find in order to create those services and solutions that our customers are looking for.

In technology terms we are investing in our core network both in the UK and globally. In terms of our datacentre environments there will be more news throughout the course of 2019.

What that really means to our customers is that we will be able to continue the advance of our technology, capabilities, services and solutions. Adapting with their needs, providing them with services and the solutions that they require such as SD-WAN, IaaS, DRaaS, Cloud Solutions and higher grade connectivity, meeting the demands increasingly of 1Gbps, 10Gbps and even more, therefore continuing to satisfy our customers’ needs at the pace that they need whilst providing the solutions when they want them.