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Long-haul Ethernet service for large enterprises is a highly cost-effective and efficient mechanism to connect two datacentres within the same metropolitan region (ie, city) via point-to-point Ethernet.

The M247 bundle of wholesale Ethernet ensures guaranteed traffic performance, as well as control and security of the service; our provisioning makes it faster and easier to procure for you and your customers, lowering lead times, while we are continuously working on our global reach.

The M247 Wholesale Connectivity portfolio is a complete solution for enterprise level customers, with full SLA assurance and competitive rates at a global scale.

This means that our Ethernet solutions are not only cost effective, but they can enable you to expand your network of customers, while ensuring the service standard, security and reliability always exceed expectations, with better quality and performance.


  • Global reach
  • Security and reliability
  • Full SLA assurance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Lower lead time

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