As the subject of devolution continues to grip the nation, Metronet (UK) continue to be proud supporters of the Northern Powerhouse, a concept highlighted by Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne.

Manchester based Metronet (UK) recently sponsored the Northern Powerhouse Conference organised by Insider Magazine, which took place on 10th December in Huddersfield. Overall the event suggested that the outlook is extremely positive; Northern society and businesses are excited by the prospect of devolution and the chance to make their own decisions and drive growth within the region.

The conference brought together some of the greatest political minds and businesspeople from the North, from Sir Howard Bernstein (Chief Executive of Manchester City Council) and Joe Anderson (Mayor of Liverpool) to the CEOs of Siemens UK and Manchester Science Parks. Together they discussed some of the North’s most important topics ranging from the region’s success in the fields of science & innovation to their ambitions for improved transport links and ongoing growth.

But this is about more than just transport; strong connections across the North are vital, especially with regards to Internet connectivity, which brings enormous benefits to businesses and to the economy as a whole. Metronet (UK) already connect thousands of organisations across the region in major towns and cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle. At Metronet (UK), we see ourselves as the forefront driving this kind of connectivity and growth.

Elliott Mueller, CEO of Metronet (UK) said “With such a strong customer base across the North of England, it is only natural that Metronet (UK) should get involved with the debate. Devolution represents real opportunities for the region and a chance to improve the economy for businesses both locally and nationally. Effective collaboration and communication within and between the northern cities will be absolutely key which is why we’re connecting more and more organisations across the region.”

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