M247 has appointed a Head of Digital, Musa Aykac, as part of the firm’s five-year growth plan and vision to be the most innovative digital acquisition leader in its sector. The role has been introduced to help accelerate our international digital presence and online search visibility.

The head of digital role will ensure that the company’s international development will continue through digital acquisitions. Currently, M247’s global outreach extends to over twenty countries worldwide, with networks connecting to all the key financial hubs, including London, Singapore, Zurich, Frankfurt and New York.

Musa Aykac will be based in the London office, creating a fully driven data platform which will help identify behaviours and patterns of customers, as well as delivering an online digital experience using ad targeting to direct both new and existing customers to the website.

He will also be responsible for creating a global acquisition engine to increase M247’s online search visibility in various countries, allowing for multi-lingual queries to be handled effectively.

Prior to his appointment, Musa Aykac worked with M247 for two years as a contractor, tasked with migrating multiple acquired businesses and websites without causing loss of visibility. His other achievements with the company include helping our website reach over 20% in online search visibility in the UK, and 50% in Romania. In his full-time role with M247, his focus will now be to ensure that visibility is more strategically targeted in line with the company’s business objective of improving the customer journey.

Commenting on his appointment, Musa Aykac said: “It’s not often that you come across a company where you feel like you are doing something truly special, which is why becoming a permanent member of the M247 team was definitely the right choice for me. I am passionate about supporting the company to achieve its goal of being a leading technology business in the international market.”

“My role will play a major part in its future success. The first interaction a potential customer will have with any company will be the website and digital acquisition engine. It is at this crucial point where you can win or lose business without even speaking to a single person.”

Jenny Davies, CEO, M247 said: “I am delighted that Musa chose to take the next step to join our team. He has always shown real enthusiasm about what we do and will play a vital role in our plans to grow the business on an international scale.

“The customer is at the heart of everything we do, and their journey is important to us from beginning to end. Developing our global acquisition engine will ensure that we are increasing our customer reach, whilst also effectively communicating about the services we can deliver when they interact with our website.”

M247 is currently experiencing a period of significant growth; investing in our international Points of Presence (POPs), data centres and our own network infrastructure. M247 now employs over 270 people in Manchester, London and Bucharest, with plans to open more offices across Europe and the rest of the world.

Musa’s ambition is to build multi-lingual teams within each of these offices, who can understand active search trends in the country they are based, in order for the company to have up-to-date information on all search behaviours across the international market.

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