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Sales Operations Manager – Manchester

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Purpose of the role

  • To reduce or eliminate inhibitors that create friction in the sales process. Leading to an increase in sales productivity, revenues, and profits. To represent and drive operational and IT excellence.
  • To relentlessly drive enhanced sales and marketing performance using, but not limited to: (i) data-led insight; (ii) lead management and account allocations; (iii) hiring and training; (iv) process optimisation; (v) evaluating IT systems, their usage and championing adoption; (vi) improving communication and reporting.
  • Creating data points and insight from internal and external market sources to drive sales and revenue strategy (not only tactics).  This to include direct interaction with customers to understand (i) why we win and (ii) why we lose, driving subsequent business improvements.
  • To work with marketing, technology and operations to deliver exceptional content for sales, that is accessible and digestible, to lever within the sales process.

Key Responsibilities

Sales Operations

  • Ensure that the right reports and dashboards are in place (and are used) to provide sales leaders with the ability to make informed decisions, draw data from Power BI and Google Analytics.
  • Using complex data sets requiring sophisticated analysis, for advanced interpretation and predictive analytics to drive strategy and actions.
  • Manage and improve sales forecasting and reporting. Reporting to include sales and campaign results, events and their follow-up, communicating news and wins.
  • Define and refine sales processes and methodologies to improve conversion, shorten sales cycles, and maximize wins. Implement and improve IT systems to support and systemize these.
  • Use Salesforce task management to identify and manage opportunities that are old or untouched by sales for specific periods of time.
  • Manage data and systems such as CRM and its data accuracy.
  • Use marketing dashboards to track efficacy and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Use base segmentation and product penetration data to identify niches with product opportunities for trialing.
  • Plan sales territories, account coverage and assigning accounts.
  • Use contract end-date reports and predictive churn indicators to improve churn.
  • Use data to identify channel partners’ performance levels versus strategic targets.
  • Play the lead sales role in joined-up sales and operations planning.
  • Work with finance to manage commission schemes and incentives, highlighting potential issues and proposing improvements.

Sales Enablement

  • Create, source and manage sales training across skills, processes, products and the market.
  • Work with marketing, technology and operations to deliver exceptional content for sales, that is accessible and digestible, to lever within the sales process.
  • Provide 121 ‘data-packs’ to managers for performance management.
  • Organise and maintain sales collateral for access by reps
  • Develop “go to market” models for products and campaigns to ensure sales are updated, clear on activities and understand the materials available to them to support selling.

M247 Core Attributes

  • Evidence of previous success in a data-led sales operation role.
  • Highly effective data analysis and interpretation abilities, including use of advanced excel and other tools such as Power BI and SQL databases
  • Logical and systematic approach to problem-solving and pragmatic implementation of solutions.
  • Collaborative, and consultative stake-holder management.
  • Process mapping and IT and system experience.
  • Highly developed planning and prioritisation skills
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Proactive approach with strong accountability and ownership through to delivery.

How to Apply:

Please email your CV and cover letter to

All applicants, regardless of gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, religion, socio-economic status or any other factor will be treated equally and fairly in the application process.