Following a period of growth through acquisitions, M247 is now transitioning from a focus on business and systems integration to harvesting the information to support continued organic growth and to improve business processes and performance. As such there is now a requirement for a commercially focused database administrator to build and support a data platform to serve the BI & MI requirements across sales & marketing, product, operations, customer service and finance.

Working with key stakeholders across the business, you will be responsible for designing a data platform that consolidates data from multiple sources into a central data warehouse. Employing best practice approaches you will lead by example, helping to define data processes and serve as a mentor to others.

This role reports to the Chief Information Officer.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing the reporting platform
  • Managing the database, performing routine maintenance to ensure the database and associated platform / components is up-to-date and complies with all our security requirements.
  • Perform database tuning
  • Perform SQL query tuning and performance analysis using technical tools to ensure the SQL queries are optimised
  • Ensure sufficient platform monitoring is in place to monitor platform availability
  • Ensure the technical architecture of the platform meets the needs of M247 and provides a resilient highly available reporting platform
  • Manage and maintain Database server(s) and data flows to ensure:
    • reliable data delivery through robust data transfer process
    • database integrity through best practice design and adequate back-up processes
    • services and components meet agreed performance targets and service levels
    • security, access control permissions and privileges
  • Review & refine /evolve existing data warehouse, extending scope from current sales reporting focus to providing a data platform for the wider business
  • Define core data requirements with stakeholders across the business, identifying all data inputs from internal and external data source
  • Set-up data transfer processes and schedule from input data sources
  • Where applicable, in conjunction with stakeholders, design & create input templates and ETL processes for the SQL data warehouse
  • Build SQL queries (procedures and views) to support reporting outputs
  • Advise & assist on creation of reporting outputs, including within Power BI
  • Build alerting system for data warehouse covering status and data changes
  • Document all data transfer processes
  • Build full audit trail of all data changes

Qualifications and Experience:

  • MS SQL server (SSIS / database administrator / SMSS, potentially SRSS) within a data warehouse and BI / MI reporting environment
  • SSIS package design and development
  • Advanced SQL to DBA standard
  • Familiarity with ERP/CRM datasets (Salesforce desirable) and BI reporting tools (Power BI desirable)
  • Strong communication and stakeholder management skills

M247 Core Attributes

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How to Apply:

Please email your CV and cover letter to careers@m247.com

All applicants, regardless of gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, religion, socio-economic status or any other factor will be treated equally and fairly in the application process.