Philippines Elections: Voter Data Leaked After Hack

Personal info belonging to around 70 million people is said to have been compromised by hackers, in what is believed to be the Philippines worst-ever government data breach.

Just a month before its elections, the hack leaves millions susceptible to fraud. The attack on the Philippine Commission on the Elections (Comelec) took place at the end of March. Anonymous Philippines said they were responsible for the hack and that they did it to highlight ‘vulnerabilities’ in the system, including the use of automated voting machines that will be used on May 9th. A second hacking collective known as LulzSec Philippines is believed to have posted Comelec’s entire database online several days later.

Although Comelec claims that no sensitive info was released, cybersecurity firms, like Trend Micro, believe the incident is the biggest government-related data breach in history. ‘Every registered voter in the Philippines is now susceptible to fraud and other risks,’ it said in a report.

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