Introducing the New Kindle Oasis!

Thinner. Stronger. Funkier. Meet the new Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s latest e-reader.

Its new display is just 3.4mm thick, weighs a mere 131g, features stronger plastic and more durable glass, a touchscreen display, screen density similar to printed books and new LEDs fitted to the side.  As promised, it’s also 20% smaller than its predecessor, making the Oasis Amazon’s biggest step yet towards its goal of making e-readers just like paper.

Chris Green, vice president of industrial design of devices for Amazon said: ‘The Kindle is like a hammer, a single purpose device, and this is the best we can make it. We’ve found that the more that sits in between the reader and the book, the less engaged they are with it. The Oasis is our best Kindle yet at getting out of the way and sending people down the rabbit hole.’

The Oasis will last for 2 weeks on its own, but is sold with a snazzy case that attaches magnetically to the back of the device, which charges the Kindle’s internal battery at a rate of 1 hr’s reading time every 10 mins and adds a further 7 weeks’ battery life. Talking about the new battery life measurement, Green said: ‘We’re now measuring battery life in months, because no one wants to be stopped from finding out who the killer is because the battery dies.’

All of these upgrades come at a price though. The Oasis will cost a whopping £270 for a Wi-Fi only version and £300 with Amazon’s 3G service. If you are still interested though, then you can pre-order one now!

Harriet Stanford

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Harriet Stanford recently graduated with a degree in English Literature and has since used her linguistic prowess to great effect in the marketing world. Harriet is an avid writer, reader and consumer of cake. When she’s not promoting M247, you can find her exploring museums, art galleries and new dance moves.

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